Cadence Workshop Servicing

We believe that the workshop is the heart of any good bike shop. We offer a free estimate for any repair and we aim to have your bike back to you as quickly as possible so you can get out there and ride.  Depending on our workload we can even offer to repair your bike whilst you wait.

Which service should I choose?

Below is a list of our main services, some advice on what to choose and what is and isn’t included in each. Recommended service intervals can vary widely depending on how many miles you do, and how hard those miles are. Weather conditions and how much basic servicing you do yourself at home can also be a decisive factor.

If we take an average commuter as an example, where their commute to work is 5 miles, and they would ride to work 5 times a week, in any weather, and they do a little cleaning and maintenance themselves after every wet ride. We can recommend getting the bike serviced 4 times a year (or once a season if you like). That could mean one gold, one silver and two bronze services.

These are of course averages, so if you like to keep your bike cleaned and lubed and only ride it for a Sunday café run in the summer, you can probably get away with much less. But if riding is your main mode of transport whatever the weather, on a long commute, and you really don’t like getting your hands dirty to remove that pesky grime, then you should service your bike with us much more regularly so we can spot small issues as they arise, and ensure you don’t wear out your components prematurely. Little and often is the way to go.

Our advice below is not exhaustive, so if you’re not sure what level of service you need, feel free to talk to one of our colleagues who will be able to give you the best advice based you and your bikes specific needs. Remember its always better for us to see the bike and evaluate it in person rather than guessing over the phone. So, popping in store with the bike before we make a booking for you means we know how much time we need to allocate for your service, and can give you an estimate before getting the bike in the workshop avoiding any disappointments.

Please note that parts are not included in the prices below. If you would like a full quote of parts and labour before the work goes ahead please ask first.

Bronze Service   £50

Our mechanics will do an essential safety check of the bike, ensuring all the nuts and bolts are tight, that the systems are in good working order, and above all, safe. Your bike will be checked and tuned to get the best performance that’s possible. Our bronze service is intended mainly for newer bikes that need only a few adjustments, for bikes that have recently had a big service and are in need of a tweak, or for bikes that are low on wear and tear.  No parts will be removed during this service unless absolutely necessary. Having regular bronze services will keep everything running smoothly and reduce wear and tear on the systems.

What’s included: Gears checked, aligned, lubricated and set up. Brakes checked, calipers aligned, pads checked for wear, cables checked for smoothness. Tyres inspected for damage and pumped to correct pressure, wheels checked for trueness (minor truing done if needed), braking surfaces checked and cleaned. Headset and Bottom bracket checked for wear. Cables and hoses inspected for damage. Frame inspected and given a quick wipe down and polish. All other nuts, bolts and clamps checked and torqued.

Silver Service    £100

This is our most popular choice of service and is a bit more in depth. Whilst we do everything listed in the bronze, the extra time spent on the bike means we can remove some of the main wear and tear parts, and give them a proper clean or replace them if necessary. The silver service is the go to service to fix most common ailments that come from putting in the hard miles, and we will replace the componentry that takes the brunt of that force. If it’s been a while since you’ve had the bike serviced and it’s also in need of a good clean, then this is the service for you. Any bike, old or new, can benefit from a silver service. Keeping the bike clean and lubricated between services can help with the longevity of the components, and the quietness and smoothness of the running gear. A silent bike is a happy bike!

What’s included: Everything from the bronze service, plus; chain, cassette, chain set and derailleur’s removed, degreased, lubricated and set up (or replaced if needed). Brakes cleaned, checked, set up and pads replaced if needed. Wheels cleaned and trued, bearings checked, tyres checked and inflated. Bottom bracket and headset bearings checked for wear. Frame detail cleaned, inspected and polished. Seat post removed and fresh grease/carbon grip applied.

Gold Service   £150

Our gold service sets us apart from the rest. This gives the bike all the love it needs for many more miles with smiles. We go the extra mile to make sure the bike is in tip top condition, and feel like it just rolled out of the showroom again. Clunks, clicks and grinding will be a thing of the past and the bike will be fettled to within an inch of its life. Even the best bearings wear out eventually and in this service we can get down to the nitty gritty of what makes a bike run smoothly. Less drag equals a more efficient bike, and therefore a faster bike. If your brakes feel terrible, the gears aren’t shifting and the wheels sound like a box of spanners, this is definitely the service to go with.

We recommend getting a gold service for when a silver service will only have a nominal impact on the bike’s performance. For instance, if the bike has heavy levels of corrosion, or has seen too many harsh miles, we will suggest this upgrade to give you the best value for money. Only in a gold service can we get to things like cables, bearings, and bar tape, and we will recommend upgrading if issues with the bike exceed what’s possible in a silver.

What’s included: Everything from a bronze and silver plus; Headset bearings removed and re-greased or replaced if needed, head tube inspected for damage. Fork removed, cleaned and inspected for alignment. Bottom bracket removed and re-greased or changed if needed (BB shell also inspected for damage). Wheels trued more in depth and bearings removed and serviced or replaced. Frame checked for alignment, detail cleaned and polished. Any cabling lubricated or replaced if needed. Bar tape or grips removed and replaced if needed. Tyres and tubes replaced if needed.

Platinum Service £200

A special service, for a special bike. This is like a gold service but with extra oomph! It’s our top service for top end bikes. We give the bike the same level of care as in the gold, plus it allows for the extra time it takes to service certain trickier and time consuming components. We reserve this service for time trial/triathlon bikes, electronic group sets, full suspension mountain bikes or bikes that have hydraulic brakes that need bleeding on top of the gold service. We also use this service for any custom bike builds for those of you wanting to build up your own dream bike from scratch with all the latest in bling components and electronic gadgetry. There aren’t many bikes out there that really need a platinum service but for those of you lucky enough to have a bike that’s worthy of such care then we are here for you.

What’s included: Everything from the bronze, silver and gold, plus; servicing, setting up or installing an electronic group set (Sram Etap, Shimano Di2, Campag EPS).  Hydraulic brake bleeding of front and rear brakes. Removing and sending of suspension forks or shocks to be serviced at a specialist. Ground up bike build and help choosing and sourcing parts.

We service all bike brands

At the Giant Store St. Paul's we're cycling experts and our skilled bike mechanics work in a modern well-equipped workshop at our store on Aldersgate Street by St. Paul's.

From fixing a simple puncture to a full strip down and rebuild we service all types and brands of bicycles, not just Giant.

We offer and range of menu services (see opposite) to keep you and your bike moving and always use manufacturer approved replacement parts. In addition to servicing we can carry out individual jobs ranging from simple gear or brake adjustment to complete wheel refurbishment. We prefer to inspect your bike before offering an estimate for any work but please call or email us ( for pricing details or our current lead times for servicing. We offer a range of eBike specific services including a full diagnostic check on Giant and Liv E-bikes.

We undertake warranty and insurance repairs for Giant and Liv bicycles including bikes not purchased from us. Warranty work is subject to our normal labour charges. For further information please contact the workshop.

Other than simple ‘walk in’ repairs (punctures etc.) we operate a booking system for all workshop jobs inc. Silver, Gold and Platinum services. As we often have a lead time of more than a week in the workshop we advise booking your bike in at least 2-3 weeks in advance if you need a service or repair carried out in preparation for a particular event.

In general we complete most servicing and repair work out within 24 hours. We open the workshop at 09:00am Mon – Fri and ask that all bikes are booked in with us by 9.30am on the day work is due to be carried out. As we have limited space in the workshop we are unable to take in bikes ahead of the date booked for work to be carried out and we cannot store bikes after work has been completed.

We offer a first (6 week) service free of charge with all bikes purchased from Giant St Paul’s.

Call the workshop directly 0203 598 2535 or email us at for service bookings or any other enquiries


Other Workshop jobs

(Prices listed do not include parts).

Bottom bracket fitting


Hydro brake bleed Pair


Hydro brake bleed Front or Rear


Suspension service

From £120

Brake adjust Front and Rear (non hydraulic)


Gear tune


Hub service Front/Rear


Wheel true


Minimum labour charge


Puncture Repair (exc. tube)


Tubeless Spoke Replacement


Tubeless set up per wheel


Headset Replacement


Bar Tape removal & fitting


Full Mudguard fitting


Di2/Etap/EPS Software update


Bike Clean


Accident Report


Fork lower leg service (store dependent)


Rear shock (air Cannister) service


Build bike from box (excludes TT, Tri bikes)


Kids Bike Service under 26" wheel


Wheel Build


Frame Swap (£200 for Hydraulic brakes)